Monday 2 August 2010

L8515 was kept busy yesterday at the Ilton Festival of Transport giving rides along the runway - and allowing the drivers to hone their gear changing skills!

The trip to Fawley Park went exceptionally well and both coaches performed admirably: the last mile and a half from the Henley to Marlow road was up a single track lane (with passing places) and the coaches were pushing the tree branches out of their way as they went!. When we arrived at the site there was some doubt expressed by the car park attendant as to whether we could get the coaches down into the display area, but after another narrow avenue of trees and some manouvering through gates and between railway rolling stock we were able to park up - but when it came time to leave we had to reverse the coaches up hill and perform a three point turn in the narrowest of roads!

On the return journey we stopped at Marlborough for dinner - thank you all at the Wells Railway Fraternity: 2138 and 2150 were parked up in the main street whilst we ate - just as they would have been over forty years ago when taking a break whilst operating the London to Bristol service!

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