Tuesday 10 August 2010

Getting ready for Brislington

It is of course the Brislington Rally this Sunday coming: today, Martin, Malcolm Morgan and myself have been collecting buses from far and wide.

From storage and work at Chepstow came 353 (just repainted!), 2934 (the engine idles at the proper speed now - no excuse for missing those gear changes!) and C7246, whilst from storage nearer home came C2736, 2800 and 2815.

All being well, the following will be "in service" at Brislington:

"219", 353, 461, 2138, 2150, 2467, C2736, 2800, 2815, 2934, C7246, L8089, C8320, 8336, L8515, LC8518 amd 9554, with 9552 providing the crew rest room and Model Bus Federation display. That's 18 buses and coaches! It would have been 19 but FS open topper L8579 is off the road at present - it was being prepared for a class 6 MOT when some corrrosion was discovered on the chassis - David Hoare will be having a look at it next week and so we hope that it will not be away too long.

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