Thursday 19 August 2010

Keeping Busy!

It is a busy week for the two principal class 6 vehicles in our collection.

On Tuesday, George Vowles, known to many of us as the most senior "Bristol" enthusiast, celebrated his 92nd birthday, and, at his request, Malcolm Morgan took BHU92C along to his sheltered housing in Burnham and gave George and his friends a few hours out at the seaside.

On Wednesday, I took L8515 over the bridge to give the Cardiff Transport Preservation Group an evening tour, arriving back at the base at Claverham at 2330, having covered 150 miles at just over 14 miles to the gallon. On the way over I called in to see David Hoare to collect a spare wheel (you can never be too careful!)and David kindly adjusted the engine idle speed so that you can now do professionally sounding gearchanges!

Today, both L8515 and BHU92C are off to Gloucestershire, on a private hire for North Somerset Coaches: I can imaaine the conversation that took place between the two buses last night when I parked L8515 next to BHU - "Don't you think that at our age we should be given a little rest? All these late nights and long journeys." "Still, it's better than a trip to Barnsley.....!"

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