Tuesday 27 July 2010

Getting back to normal

Yesterday's outing in 2467 showed that the electrics are back to normal, as they are with LC8518, and 9554's gearbox should now be ok, so we are hoping for a good turn out of vehicles at Brislington.

This weekend L8515 and 2138 are off to an event at Ilton, near Yeovil on Saturday (thanks Malcolm and David), whilst on Sunday 2138 and 2150 are taking members of the Wells Railway Fraternity from Keynsham to Fawley, the Sir Robert Mcalpine railway. Last year we took the Fraternity to the Gloucestershire and Warwickshire Railway and a really good day was had by all, but one can't but help notice the performance of the MW coaches against modern ones! Warwick and I will have aching right feet on our return Sunday evening, trying to keep the Gardner throttle return spring down on the M4 motorway between Chippenham and Reading!

Nocturnal Bus gathering

NAE3 visited The Compass Inn at Tormarton last evening to take part in the Nocturnal Bus Gathering organsied by Ian Hudd. In the event only NAE and Simon Smart's Royal Blue Bristol RELH represented the mechanical members, but around 10 fellow enthusiasts attended and shared memories and discussions over good food and drink. Thank you Ian for arranging the gathering.

Friday 23 July 2010

A Lodekka on service!

L8515, 969EHW, has a class 6 test enabling it to be used for hire and reward, and every now and again it is used by ABus, North Somerset or Rubicon for a wedding or other private hires.

Yesterday it actually operated a registered service!

I was able to drive the bus on the 1530 service from St. Katherine's School in Pill via the Avonmouth Bridge and the Portway to the Centre, with North Somerset's owner David Fricker as conductor. We then went on to Clifton to take a private party, but disaster struck when we realised that there was a problem with one of the tyres and the bus had to come off the road at Temple Meads, where emergency arrangements were made through ABus to provide a more modern bus.

Still, it was fun while it lasted!

Monday 12 July 2010


Hi all

I hope to be able to keep you all up to date with what is happening with the Bristol Omnibus Vehicle Collection, and let you know the movements of our vehicles.

Yesterday we sent two of our fleet (LC8518 and C8320 - thanks Pete) to FirstGroups Muller Road depot to take part in a staff photocall, alongside Bristol Vintage Bus Group's blue Bristol K and a FirstGroup decker, We were pleased to be involved - I was especially pleased as I had conducted out of Muller Road on a number of occassions in my youth!

The next major rally for us is Kemble on August 8th, and then of course Brislington on August 15th. Currently LC8518 and 2467 have electrical defects and 9554 accident damage and a gearbox fault, all of which we hope to get fixed in time for the Brislington event. C7246 is away for MOT, and I am sure that will be back, whilst 353 is away for repaint having had most of her panels replaced at bulwark Bus and Coach in Chepstow. When painted, she will be re-rubbered. The inside of 353 however will have to wait a little longer to be restored.

I will now try and keep you up to date with our collection and give you advance warning if any of our vehicles go on display anywhere!