Friday 23 July 2010

A Lodekka on service!

L8515, 969EHW, has a class 6 test enabling it to be used for hire and reward, and every now and again it is used by ABus, North Somerset or Rubicon for a wedding or other private hires.

Yesterday it actually operated a registered service!

I was able to drive the bus on the 1530 service from St. Katherine's School in Pill via the Avonmouth Bridge and the Portway to the Centre, with North Somerset's owner David Fricker as conductor. We then went on to Clifton to take a private party, but disaster struck when we realised that there was a problem with one of the tyres and the bus had to come off the road at Temple Meads, where emergency arrangements were made through ABus to provide a more modern bus.

Still, it was fun while it lasted!

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