Tuesday 7 September 2010

A quiet time

Not much to report since the last post: there were a number of important events over the last two weeks, but the Collection was not represented - I speak particularly of Merthyr and Wythall - the last particularly being a "Bristol" event.

However, a few things are coming up for which we now have to prepare.

North Somerset Coaches reported some possible difficulties with MW coach 2138 (BHU92C) - surely the most used vehicle in our collection - and she went into Premier in Bristol for them to take a look: she also had a break in her exhaust pipe, and so 0700 on Monday saw me crawling under her to apply a "bandage" to the break in the exhaust, and then drive her to Winkleigh, where David Hoare's mechanic, Pete, will be taking a look at her and preparing her for her run to Duxford at the end of the month.

On Saturday we have the Open Doors Day in Bristol and LC8518 will be revisiting her old haunts whilst providing one of the free services between some of the open events: however, before this, on Friday she will be attended to by the electrician because one of the rows of interior lights just will not go out!! On Saturday, Malcolm Morgan and I will be piloting her and John Hitchins looking after the platform.

Another bus with electrical problems is 353 which is "not charging": hopefully this will be sorted soon as well.

After that, I must get 2467 ready for her trip to Kingsbridge (18th September), and 2815 to Chepstow to have her oil (mixed with water!!) changed and brakes adjusted for the trip to Cambridgeshire.

You can of course visit the collection at www.bristolbuses.co.uk, although there is an amendment pending to bring the site up to date.

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