Monday 20 September 2010


Oh dear, a not so good weekend. Whilst our friends at Bath Bus Company were having another excellent weekend with their service to Imber, NAE3, en-route to Kingsbridge, started making some very strange nosies from under trhe bonnet, and after a few miles went bang in a big way! I had driven her down from Burnett on Friday last, September 17th, with no problem, but from starting her up on Saturday she didnt sound quite right, and after a few miles she protested in a most violent way: as I pulled her over into a slip road, she stopped running. A talk with David Hoare and another to Autohome (thanks Autohome), and two and a half hours later she was picked up and towed to Winkleigh. Pete was there and, interested to see what had happened, started by taking the rocker covers off, to reveal a camshaft that had broken clean in two. Further work by Pete will tell if this was the cause of the problem, or simply a result of something more serious. Duxford looks unlikely now for NAE3, but keep looking in to the blog for more information! Luckily BHU92C was ready to bring home after examination by Pete, so I arrived back at Burnett at 7pm!

Tomorrow a number of other vehicle movements take place to get the remaining three coaches, NHY947, BHU92C and FHW156D, ready for the marathon trip to and from Duxford next weekend.

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