Monday 28 March 2011

The Collection's Status

As we go into the 2011 Rally season, I thought that reader's would like a current update on the status of the Collection's vehicles.

At present the breakdown of vehicles is as follows:

Bedford OB 2 1 being restored
Bristol B 1 awaiting restoration
Bristol FLF 2 1 being restored
Bristol FS 1
Bristol K 1 being restored
Bristol KSW 4 1 awaiting restoration
Bristol L 2
Bristol LWL 1
Bristol LH 2
Bristol LS 1
Bristol LD 2
Bristol MW 5 2 awaiting restoration
Bristol RE 1
Bristol VR 1 1 being restored
Bristol Olympian 2
Leyland Titan 1 1 being restored

In total therefore we have 29 vehicles, 20 of which are ready and roadworthy for this season (barring, of course, breakdowns and running repairs), with one other, the K-type, C3386, expected at some time this year!

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