Thursday 7 October 2010

Warminster Running Day Weekend

This Sunday is the Warminster Running Day: 2467 and 2815 will be running from Bristol, picking up at the Bristol Fashion at 0840, arriving Warminster at 1000. they will return from Warminster at 1720.

353, L8089 and L8515 will be coming down empty and are in use all day at the event. The charging problem on 353 has been cured.

L-type C2736 has gone to Chepstow for its MOT, and C8320 has returned having had its brake adjusters repaired.

In addition to the Warminstere event, other group vehicles will be in use during the weekend:

L8515 will be used by Kelvin Amos for an event in Cheddar on Saturday, and he is using C8320 for a wedding on Sunday, whilst Chris Gould is taking 219 to a wedding on Saturday.

A busy weekend!

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